Military Vaporizers

General Anesthetic Services fully supports our military and ensures the delivery of frontline anesthesia.

Drawover Vaporizer with Disposable Circuit Set

Drawover style vaporizers are unique in as much as they are demand vaporizers. This requires the patient inhalation to draw over the anesthetic vapor from the vaporizer. To ensure clinical accuracy, specialized equipment is used to replicate the human breathing process. If this replication is not done there is no way to guarantee the performance of the serviced vaporizers.

Few companies have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to perform such calibration procedures. General Anesthetic Services’ pedigree has given it the expertise gained over many years to provide such a service for our customers.

G.A.S.’ employees are well versed with the Drawover vaporizers, as its originator, Cyprane, Ltd., was also the original employer of most of G.A.S.’ senior technical personnel.